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The symbol is the same as that secretly 
used by Christians during centuries of 
persecution to ideutijy themselves to 
each other. 

diommiltea ®o Constitution SAMPLE 

'7/ every person hoi the right to defend - even by force - hts person, his tiberty. and his property, then It fottows that a group of men 
have the right to organise and support a common force to protect these rights constancy. ** THE LAW, by Frederic Bastiat, Pahs, 1 8S0 

citizens have failed to understand, or even recognize the fact that 
gross changes have been gradually and illicitly brought about in the 
political and sociological climate of this land. 

It is evident, however, that a 
subtle and perilous change has 
occurred in America. Within the 
past two or three generations the 
civilization of our forefathers has 
come under sophisticated assault. 
The structures of freedom erected 
at such great cost in blood, sweat 
and treasure, are crumbling. Our 
God is blasphemed, our lineage 
reviled, and our Constitution 

Our destiny has turned to 

Americans have been reduced 
to economic serfs in the land that 
once was theirs. A secret govern- 
ment of monetary power, employ- 
ing perverted mass media and the 
coercive authority of a captured 
Bureaucratic Civil Service, is forc- 
ing us into a '*New World Order” 
of “Liberty, Fraternity, Equality.” 

To liquidate this threat to life 
and property Americans must first 
accept the fact that the frame of 
reference upon which they errone- 
ously rely to preserve the Republic 
no longer exists. 

Gone is the Constitution, and 
its protective covenants. Gone are 
the courts, and their shield to per- 
sonal freedom. Gone is representa- 
tive government, and the sover- 
eignty of the individual. Gone is 


This bulletin is a publication 
of the Committee to Restore the 
Constitution, incorporated under 
the non-profit laws of Colorado. 
National Headquarters, Suite 990, 
Savings Building, Fort Collins, 
Colorado 80521. Copies of the Sam- 
ple Bulletin may be ordered at 
cost: $3.00 per hundred, postage 
included. Distribution by chapters. 
State committees and compatriots 
is encouraged. 

the U. S. dollar, and its authority 
in the market place. All have been 
surreptitiously phased out of the 
society to usher in a totalitarian, 
one world autocracy of the finan- 
cial “elite.” 

There is, however, a practical 
and attainable solution to the state 
of national emergency. Conscien- 
tious men and women can success- 
fully energize State power to 
expose the covert transfer of State 
and Federal sovereignty to private 

The law involved is the funda- 
mental law of agency. Actions of 
an agent are not binding upon the 
principal if those actions are not 
authorized by the principal. Con- 
stitutionally, departments of gov- 
ernment are agents of the States 
. . . which created them by con- 
stitutional compact. 

The mission of informed citi- 
zens, therefore, is to activate the 
sovereign powers of the State to 
expose and neutralize interlocking 
subversion in government depart- 
ments and restore control of gov- 
ernment to the people. 

America need not become a 
land of “yesterday’s people.” All 
it takes to regain the freedoms lost 
is the courage to face today’s polit- 
ical reality, and to implement suc- 
cessful techniques and procedures 
to reverse the mindless march to- 
ward the new feudalism. 

Write to us today. We will 
show you how. 

CEDURE generated by this Com- 
mittee has the exciting objective 
of harnessing the powers of State 
government to local organizations 
so that individual Americans can 
meet and resolve the peril of im- 
minent dictatorship. 

These vital recruiting and polit- 
ical action programs must be 
accelerated and extended. 

financial base for our outreach we 
suggest that you commit yourself 
to a regular monthly contribution 
to realistically subsidize this cause 
which is so vital to you and to 
generations of Americans yet un- 
born. Send a check for as much as 
you can afford to invest in liberty. 


In the formation of this Constitutional Republic the COUNTY has always 
been — and re m ai n s to this day — the TRUE seat of the government for the 
citizens who are Inhabitants thereof. The County Sheriff is the only legal law 
enforcement officer in these United States of America. 

The Sheriff can mobilize all men between the ages of 18 and 45 who are 
In good health and are not in the federal military service. OTHERS CAN 
VOLUNTEER! This body of Citizens is the SHERIFF’S POSSE. All of them 
serve when called by the Sheriff. The Title of the Body is POSSE 

^ entire body of those inhabitants who may be summoned 
by the Sheriff, or who may volunteer, to preserve the public peace or execute 
any lawful precept that is proposed. Since the Sheriff is the servant of the 
citizens who are inhabitants of the County, it is not his choice as to whether 
or nor the Posse is organized and brought into being. It is only his choice as 
to whether or not he wishes to use it. 

The Sheriff is under Oath of Office to uphold, preserve and defend the 
Constitution of these United States and the State in which his COUNTY 
exists. NOTHING MORE! It is his duty to protect citizens from unlawful acts 
of any person, including agencies of government. It should be emphasized 
that this protection extends to citizens who are being subjected to unlawful 
acts by officials of government, whether these be judges of Courts or Federal 
or State Agents of any kind whatsoever. 

BULLETIN Committee to Restore the Constitution, Inc. 



The Quiet Revolution 

by Archibald E. Roberts, Lt. Col., AUS, ret. 

**New States may be admitted by the Congress 
into this Union; but no new State shall be 
formed or erected within the jurisdiction of any 
other State; nor any State be formed by the 
junction of two or more States, or parts of 
States, without the consent of the Legislatures 
of the States concerned, as well as the Con- 

section 3, paragraph 1, 

Transformation of the United States Republic to a dicta- 
torship of the '’financial elite,** the New World Order fash- 
ioned for Americans by the Council on Foreign Relations, 
reached political reality in 1972 under the administration of 
President Richard M. Nixon. 

Although given little publicity, the White House, on 
March 27, 1969, pronounced that the United States had been 
divided into ten Metro regions. In so doing, President Nixon 
and his controllers set in motion a series of pre-planned 
events which would, by February 12, 1972, place virtually 
every facet of the lives of U. S. citizens under the domina- 
tion of socialist planners. 

Flouting the prohibitions of Article IV, United States 
Constitution, Mr. Nixon, in his statement of 1969, "Restruc- 
turing of Government Service Systems,** purported to **stream- 
line** the Department of Labor, the Department of Health, 
Education and Welfare, the Department of Housing and 
Urban Development, the Office of Economic Opportunity, 
and the Small Business Administration by establishing 
"uniform boundaries and regional office locations.** 

Significantly, regional boundaries and the boundaries of 
major United Nations programs, and Federal Reserve System 
areas, in the United States were made co-terminus. 

Few realized then, or comprehend now, that regional 
governance is a new form of government which has been 
covertly engineered to replace the city, county, state, and 
school district system. Boundary lines of these familiar 
political subdivisions are to be dropped and a new set of 
geo-political lines followed. 

Under regional government there are now ten U. S. 
provinces, or regions. Each province has a designated 
"capitol** to handle all matters within that particular prov- 
ince. Offices of HUD, OEO, SB A, and Labor were moved 
into the new capitols of each province, with more agencies 
added later. The objective is to establish the mechanics for 
controlling the lives and ambitions of the people from a 
central authority in Washington, and to direct their efforts 
into channels ordered by a Bureaucratic Civil Service. 

An examination of the type of government proposed 
under regional government shows that it is a government 
by appointed rather than elected officials. Under regional 
government disfranchised U. S. citizens are to be held in 
bondage, in perpetuity, as producers and servers for a self- 
appointed Oligarchy. 

The ten new political subdivisions to which the fifty 
States have been allocated by this unconstitutional decree 

REGION I — Capitol: Boston 

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode 

Island, Vermont. 

REGION II — Capitol: New York City 

New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands. 

REGION m — Capitol: Philadelphia 

Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, 
District of Columbia. 

REGION IV — Capitol: Atlanta 

Alabama, Florida. Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North 
Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee. 

REGION V — Capitol: Chicago 

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin. 
REGION VI — Capitol: Dallas -Fort Worth 
Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas. 

REGION VII - Capitol: Kansas City 
Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska. 

REGION VUI — Capitol: Denver 

Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, 

REGION IX — Capitol: San Francisco 
Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada. 

REGION X — Capitol: SeatUe 
Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho. 

One of the early federal money bills designed to finance 
Metro governance in the nation was H. R. 2519. introduced 
by Congressman Reuss, January, 1969. This bill was to pro- 
vide bloc grants if regional "modernization** conditions were 
met by the States. 

To qualify for the promised grants the States were re- 
quired to enact legislation enabling, or mandating In some 
Instances, the collectivizing of counties into sub-regions 
which would fit neatly Into the federal ten-region govern- 
ance formed by Presidential proclamation. 

Following the White House pronouncement of March 27, 
1969, the same measure was renumbered H.R. 11764 and re- 
introduced on May 28 by the same congressman. Sections 
were added to give control over twenty -two and a half 
billion tax dollars for Metro funding to one man. President 

On February 12, 1972, Mr. Nixon dropped the other shoe. 
By Executive Order 11647, Federal Regional Councils, 
(Federal Register No. 30) the President authorized staffing 
of the ten regional capitols, and effected appointment of a 
chairman, or commissar for each province. 

"Three years ago,** said Mr. Nixon in his order, "I 
directed the senior regional officials of certain of the grant- 
making agencies to convene themselves in regional councils 
to belter coordinate their services to Governors, Mayors, and 
the Public. 

"Now, therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me 
as President of the United States it is hereby ordered as 

"SECTION 1, Federal Regional Councils, (a) There is 
hereby established a Federal Regional Council for each 
of the ten standard Federal regions. Each Council shall 
be composed of the directors of the regional offices of 
the Department of Labor, Health, Education, and Wel- 
fare, and Housing and Urban Development, the Secre- 
tarial Representative of the Department of Transportation, 
and the directors of the regional offices of the Office of 
Economic Opportunity, the Environmental Protection 
Agency, and the Law Enforcement Assistance Administra- 
tion. The President shall designate one member of each 
such Council as Chairman of that Council and such 
Chairman s hall serve at the pleasure of the President. 
Representatives of the Office of Management and Budget 
may participate in any deliberations of each CouncU.** 

It is intended, of course, that regional council members 
will assume all real authority over State governments and 
the people they represent The people and the States wUl 
be reduced to political impotency. 

The image of a police state becomes chillingly real 
under the provisions of Executive Order 11490, '*Assigning 
Emergency Preparedness Functions to Federal Departments** 
(Federal Register, October 30, 1969). By this order regional 
council members, imder color of law, can control all food 
supply, money and credit, transportation, communications, 
public utilities and other facets of the lives of every citizen. 

Seizure of private property via the ploy of reassessment 
under United Nations tax guidelines; homes, businesses, 
and farms, is a concurrent objective of the madmen who 
now direct national policy. 

Robert C. Weaver, former Chief, Department of Housing 
and Urban Development, said of Metro governance: 

’’Regional government means absolute Federal control 
over all property and its development regardless of location, 
anywhere In the United States, to be administered on the 
Federal official’s determination. It (regional government) 
would supersede state and local laws . . . Through this 
authority we seek to recapture control of the use of land, 
most of which the government has already given to the 

World government planners hope to achieve federaliza- 
tion of all land, resources and production facilities under 
regional government authority without serious public chal- 
lenge. Self-rule and self-determination are to be phased out 
of the society, the Constitution overthrown, and the citizen 
made an economic serf in the country that once was his. 

President Nixon, In his plea for cooperation In ’’revenue 
sharing” (another technique for financing Metro governance) 
admitted that we are experiencing a ’’New American Revolu- 
tion.** Proof that the ’’New American Revolution” is an 
actual revolution is bom out by evidence from ’’Hearings 
Before the Subcommittee on Urban Affairs of the Joint 
Economic Committee,” United States Congress, May 19-26, 

’’REGIONALISM: The Quiet Revolution. 

’’Local government is changing itself In an effort to 
better meet the needs of the people. Across the nation, 
cities, counties, towns, and school districts that serve a 
common area are Joining together in a regional effort 
to solve mutual problems. In a quiet way, regionalism 
is a revolution in the structure of our Federal system.” 
The impact of Metro governance on the freedoms of 
person and property formerly guaranteed to the people by 
the Constitution is obvious. 

Interlocking subversion in government departments can, 
however, be successfully challenged by an Informed elector- 
ate motivated to act within the authority of the U. 
S. Constitution. 

The law involved is the fundamental law of agency: 
Actions of an agent are not binding on the principal if those 
actions are not authorized by the principal. Constitutionally, 
States are Principals and federal departments are Agents of 
the State. 

To escape the ’’New World Order” being prepared for us 
by the Council on Foreign Relations and the aristocracy of 
finance Americans must demand that their State lawmakers 
investigate the illegal actions of federal agents who attempt 
to abridge the U.S. Constitution in violation of their oath 
of office. 

*TE1ACE: By the Wonderful People Who 
Brought You Korea and Viet Nam is must 
reading and will serve as a ready reference 
for true American patriots in their fight agmnst 
the collectivist enemies of individual liberty 
under Constitutional govenament.*’ 


Member of Congress 



By Soldier— Author, 


Foreword by: 


Here are the hard facts on high finance and world 
revolution through the United Nations, the Council 
on Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve System 
by the man who wrote the prizewinning book, 

Roberts charges the Federal government has been 
captured by a secret government of monetary power 
which now seeks to coerce the American people into 
a 1984 Orwellian Animal Farm. 

This is a book that could change the course of 
American History. 

There is, says Roberts, a sophisticated attack on 
Western Civilization by those seeking to destroy this 
Republic and establish a totalitarian government of 
the financial elite. He identifies the Mattoids who are 
creating one world government in the name of peace. 
He shows how an aroused citizenry can inspire appli- 
cation of sovereign state power to restore sanity and 
return control of this nation to the people. He details 
a victory plan. 

This is a book that is bound to be one of the 
great bestsellers of 1973. 


400 pages List: $6.95 


Suite 990. Savings Building, Oak at Howes 
Fort Collins. Colorado 80521 




THESE ADDITIONAL AIDS will enhance your efforts to inform your friends and neigh- 
bors on the national emergency, and motivate them to join your campaign to restore con- 
trol of government to the people. 



VICTORY DENIED by Major Arch E. Roberts. AUS, ret 

A definitive critique of the United Nations Organization and of the men and the 
system which transferred the United States military establishment to United Nations 
Security Council control. Explains why America’s soldier sons are committed to a 
policy of “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace”. Should be placed in every city, school, 
and college library. 

PAPERBACK EDITION (individual maUing) $1.00 

QUANTITY ORDERS: (Check with order - postage prepaid) 

10 copies $ 8.00 100 copies $ 60.00 

25 copies $17.50 500 copies $250.00 

THE ANATOMY OF A REVOLUTION by Arch E. Roberts, Lt. Col., AUS, ret 
A self-documented research study of the origins of “Revolution USA”. Ex- 
plains who finances anarchy, how rebellion serves those who seek to 
establish world government upon the ruins of the American society, and 
what Americans can do to protect their families, their property, their money, 
and their lives. A basic document for general use. 

BOOKLET 25 copies $ 3.75 

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...•MV TM 







JUSTICE (Including United Nations System Chart). 

Official copy of world government constitution. A basic reference. 

BOOKLET 10 copies $2.00 

25 copies $5.00 

PATRIOTS AT TALLAHASSEE — A Report to the People 
Reprint of testimony before the Florida House Committee on General Legis- 
lation by officers of the Committee to Restore the Constitution. Representa- 
tive Donald H. Reed, Congressman Bruce Alger, Mrs. Mary Davison, and 
Lt. Col. Arch Roberts speak at hearings on House Concurrent Resolution 
#769, “. . . establishing a special joint committee to study the constitution- 
ality of the relations of the federal government with the United Nations.” 

BOOKLET 10 copies $1.00 

25 copies .$2.00 

100 copies $6.00 


An illustrated, step-by-step instruction manual, incorporating the basics of 
U. S. Constitution law and other authorities, for organizing legislative action 
groups. Includes proofs of a conspiracy to dismantle the Constitution, model 
petitions and resolutions, State statutes and other “how to” information on 
motivating conscientious citizens to meet the national emergency. This 
twenty-four page booklet is designed to accelerate the formation of afBliate 
community associations and for orienting members to State sovereignty 
operations and procedures to restore control of government to the people. 

HANDBOOK 6 copies $ 1.00 

25 copies $ 3.75 

100 copies $12.00 

INVISIBLE POWER BEHIND THE UN, reprint from American Mercury 
Magazine, by Archibald Edward Roberts, Lt. Col., AUS, ret 
Identifies the mattoids who created the United Nations World Government 
Organization and names their agents in the U. S. State Department. 

FOLDER 100 copies $ 3.00 

500 copies $10.00 

A shocking, authoritive probe into international deceit and of the United 
Nations as an Instrumentality for global conquest. An excellent analysis 
ideal for veteran, civic, and constitutional study groups, and for radio broad- 
cast programs. Record or tape. 

LP RECORD $5.00 

TAPE $6.00 


Suite 990 Savings Building, Howes at Oak - Fort Collins, Colorado 80521